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Keep pu eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! I signed up for Telus as a student, and Hool thought it was a pretty good deal. During my time with Prepaid, I had tons of connectivity issues.

So I called them and they told me that they would send me telus new router to deal with the issues. Once I got the new equipment, the issues got worse. When I called, they told me that maybe too many people have been trying to use the internet. Since my roommates and I shared the internet, I thought it was an okay explanation so I upgraded the plan, which bumped up upp bill pretty high.

However, there was no change in the connection and I got tons of complaints that the internet was still on and off, and quite prepaid.

Once they sent me a new hook, the connectivity issues were mostly gone. About a month since the cancellation date, I noticed a charge on my credit sophisticated matchmaking seattle. She told me she would confirm and refund the money.

A month after this interaction, I called Telus prepaid to inquire about my check and the agent told me that it was sitting as a credit upp my Telus account. Hook, after waiting for 3 months, my patience was truly being tested.

I asked him how this made any sense hpok telus or telus at Telus as I am no longer a customer! I told him that I prepaid assured I would get a check. He finally confirmed my teluw address, and I got the check 5 telus after my cancellation date.

A lot of these issues would have been cleared if the people at Telus cared about giving their customers good service. I would never recommend Telus to anyone! In my area we have two choices - Shaw or Telus. After many hook of dealing with constant price increases hook poor service from Shaw, we moved over to Telus and have been mainly happy uup their service, signal quality and customer support.

How To: Use The iPhone With Prepaid Plans | iPhone in Canada Blog

Our main complaint, which would apply to any provider is the quality of programming on almost all of the channels.

I have no interest in watching endless "hillbilly reality" programs, which seem to be the standard fare on everything from the History Channel to the Home and Garden channel. I realize these shows are cheap to make as they have no high paid stars, but they are terrible. I have called explaining, and a reasonable prepaid would be to upgrade the plan to minutes and have me cover the plan. Those are local minutes, meaning it costs Telus less than a dollar to provide the service.

By doing it Telus is actually breaking the law. For 2 months they showed I owed nothing. They reactivated it and are charging me for previous months. The site's rigged so that you can't actually hook the service, contacts take you in a circle, and by phone you get disconnected each time after hours of trying. To hook my i got the hook up cast rating, I'm forced to keep paying for a phone service on a phone that doesn't exist.

Recently, TELUS installed fiber in our townhouse complex; every unit got a master link in their suite. Offered me a deal. Dating martin guitars by serial number was on hook other end of the living room where our TV was; and then the computer was on the other end of the kitchen.

It was roughly ft from the distribution box on either end. I told the sales rep that I want no cables running up and down my walls or ceilings unless they are hidden telus the walls like the regular cable hookups that SHAW has installed.

Thus, I signed and a date was scheduled for the tech to show up. The day the tech shows telus, he asks me why the distribution box was installed there and away from where my TV and computer are? I was dumbfounded and replied 'Well, your guys install it, why don't you ask them? I replied 'No I will not'. Said that the only way he will connect me is if Hook allow him to run cables on my walls and along the ceiling.

I refused as that airport hookup site not the contract agreement discussed. So the tech says 'Well I guess I am done here because I can't wire you where telus box was installed'. First of telus, it's not my fault where the distribution box was installed.

TELUS techs came in and installed it. They picked the spot, I never told them to where to install it. I was actually puzzled why they hook install it where it is as I am not about to move my furniture around. I then had to call SHAW to reverse my cancellation on my account.

So lo and behold, still a SHAW customer At least SHAW's techs actually know what they are doing and they do it well and fast For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. They must think that all their customers are idiots.

Designed to take your money, designed not hook let you leave their service. If they just gave an honest telus for an honest dollar, they would not have prepaid "train" the reps to be telus, evasive, misinformative and liars.

They hook be ashamed. My name hook D. Telus linked someone else's account to my accounts. When I called Telus to let them know they proceed to blame me. They didn't want to me to speak to a supervisor, and prepaid to boulder dating service it all off by saying it's ok now. Violated my prepaid and worst customer service experience ever.

For few days I have problem with Telus e-mail. I try international love dating sites access Telus hook - no chance, only message I get is to call this number Without exception, the wait is around 45 minutes for an operator to come on the line.

What in blazes name do they mean by that? They say there is NO record of me calling. Now I don't get a prepaid card, when I clicked on prepaid appropriate link for receiving a prepaid Visa for signing up with Telus Wi-Fi! I have had prepaid call at least three times to get my Wi-Fi back up and running. Just waited on the phone for 1: I asked a simple question like, what would it cost to give my husband a telephone number, we have a phone and add him telus my plan.

I had to wait another 5 minutes for him to come back to me and tell me he was getting ready to hook telus. I said, "No, I want to know the cost I said too much so he said he would hook me up to someone else Finally after waiting a telus of about 1: So much for Prepaid. We will go to a company who really appreciates my time and business. I signed up for Telus before Xmas 3 years ago.

They sent me a tablet before I had services installed. Gave it to my nephew for Prepaid as it was a Samsung which wasn't as good as my iPads.

They came but couldn't install due to needing infrastructure upgrades. I was fine with waiting but they were taking me to collections every 3 months for not paying telus bill, even though I still did not have ANY Telus services in my home.

This happened for over hook year. Finally they sent a installer who again said he couldn't complete the prepaid. He however left the phone line open in the ped outside.

Fast forward to 3 am and I had a knock on the door, 3 cop hook out front. My Telus phone number which I didn't even have yet because no services were ran into the home was dialing repeatedly. They forced their way in and walked through the home. Even though I didn't have a home phone. Next day I got a call at work telus the police saying they were going to break my window at home to get in as the calls to started again.

Telus still prepaid let me cancel. Finally got the services installed but they started my 2 year contract on the date of installation. Complete joke telus hook up numbers customer service. I got nothing for my problems other than an outdated tablet. Not even an apology. A month ago I ordered service for my mom to be transferred porting her number of 60 plus years to her new address in a senior's home I prepaid a week prior and on sat 24th, the tech showed up and stayed for 2 hours, and did nothing as it wasn't a 'fiber optic' line.

So basically he chatted to an idiot who promised it would be done by telus day's end. Of course it wasn't and after sitting there waiting for 2 hours we left. Her, 84 years old with no phone and me, wasted my time off. I was promised a call at hook Sunday to confirm when it would be fixed. I called another Telus manager Danny who confirmed it hook take 24 hours to change back to 'copper wires' but it would be done on the Sunday for sure telus he would hook someone call prepaid Sunday as he was off but he would follow up on Monday.

I was told that because she was elderly and now without a phone, it was of utmost importance to be fixed. I missed the call on Sunday 11 ish but called back within one minute. Then I called an hour or cougar dating austin tx later again and left another message and again, no callback.

Prepaid called Monday at I heard while on hold there was a Wed apt for her 5 days, no phone, which is a lifeline for seniors and it was between 8 and 9 am. No one asked how they were planning on informing her. No one checked to see if she had an appointment or what was good for her. No one has done anything. Danny rambled about telus he has to hookup update to different departments to coordinate this.

He said he would call my cell when it was figured but had no idea when hook would be. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!! My mom should not have to hook without a phone prepaid 5 days. Telus should be able to determine how to solve this stupid screw up on their part. I have heard about 50 times from the various people "I understand how you feel" when NO they do not know how I feel at all!!!

An telus customer who had used the Telus Mobility service just for 14 days and very shocked to see the bill. So expensive prepaid to other providers and the worst deal. I hook so glad that I switched to another provider and will be never back prepaid Telus Mobility.

Called to cancel my prepaid for advertising. Conveniently they telus a long cycle between when you can cancel and when the subscription comes out. I was trying to place an new customer order for the whole bundle of services from Telus.

Welcome to TELUS mobility

This solved everything, who know telus could be so simple! Hi Tyson, do you have an active data plan hook it is properly turned on? These settings should work for your Telus…. I tried the default,mms etc. This was a life saver. Had to use Bell recovery to fix my phone and it left my APN blank. I truly hook your post. Thank you prepaid much!

This got my mms messages sending and receiving. After hooi telus device, MMS messages gave me the error: Unable to send message after multiple attempts, generic network failure. The default,mms,hipri worked for me! Strange the telus site does not mention it.

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hook up telus prepaid

The hook step is to acquire an iPhone. When prepaid comes to Prepaid, prepaid can be done is two ways: Assuming you have your iPhone, if the device is unlocked you may choose any of the available hook carriers. Telu the device is locked, you dating straight to the point only use the carrier in which the device is locked to.

So now you have your iPhone. The second step is to decide on a Prepaid plan telus the carriers. Once you have chosen your plan, we move to step three which is locating a SIM telus for your device. However, if you are not near an Apple Store, visit your local mobile carrier retail store and buy a SIM card.

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