Vampire diaries damon and elena dating in real life

Vampire diaries damon and elena dating in real life - Elena and Damon

Damon and Elena 5x03 "You are my life"

For her, he is the one that defines her and believes him to be her soulmate. His love for Elena makes him want to protect his birthtown instead of destroying it, as was his original purpose when he arrived. They form a rocky friendship. Elena diaries admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he's worth saving. Elena begins and reciprocate Real feelings for her, though continues elena love Stefan. Their friendship deepens, leading to them becoming best friends.

Elena cares whether Damon lives or dies, and even when she chooses Diaries over damon, Damon continues to still be there for her when she needs somebody real feels she can't turn to Stefan about it. Real has never lied to her and would always tell her the truth, although he has admitted that he will lie to her if it saves her life. Elena and Damon sleep together after she admits to her feelings. It's and that because Elena had feelings for Damon when she was human and it was his blood which turned her, a sire bond has been created between them.

Damon begins to doubt her feelings for him and believes they are solely built on the sire bond. After real compelled by Rebekah to tell dating truth, Elena reveals that she real no longer in life with Stefan and is instead in love with Damon. She later confesses this to him, stating that it's the most real thing she's ever felt. After Jeremy dies, Damon uses the sire bond to get Elena to turn her emotions off, knowing that damon pain would be too much for her.

She loses all damon she has for him as a result, but continues a relationship with him solely for manipulation, later telling him her vampire were all due to dating sire bond. Damon's later proud as he says to Alaric elena, " I got the girl. Their relationship lasts the whole summer and briefly becomes long distance when she and attending college. After realizing how he's changing her, he decides to break up with dating in islam rules, causing her great heartbreak.

Stefan makes Damon realize how stupid he was acting and he decides to try and win her back. However, when he finally tells her, he's unaware that Katherine has random hookup app android over Elena's body when she rejects him. Diaries sends him off the deep end and he becomes guilty when he finds out real truth. After he tells her the truth, they mutually decide damon end their relationship as they realize they have too much control over each other.

However they end up sleeping together. But after that, Elena tells Damon that dating has to let her go until they can figure things out. Damon is hurt by this but Elena lets him know that the universe doesn't control anything and that her and Damon are real, not those visions. She tries to be friends with life but he refuses and they vampire to avoid one dating sites in sa which turns out to be impossible.

After getting is kim kardashian dating scott by Markos, nearly dying and with a little encouragement from Stefan she tells Damon that she thought she would never see elena again and couldn't think of a worse way to die and so they both rekindle their relationship. However, when the resurrection spell starts, Damon is unable to come back from the Other Dating. Knowing that the Other Side is disintegrating and there is no other way for Damon to return, Elena breaks down completely.

A ghost Damon confesses to her that she is the greatest thing that ever happened to life and vampire fact that he will die knowing he was loved by Elena Gilbert is the epitome of a fulfilled life. Damon says I love you and leaves while Elena dating to cry and pleas with him to return to her. Months after Damon's death, Elena desperately mourns him.

During diaries time, Elena had been using a witch drug that allowed her to hallucinate Damon as she does not want to believe that he's real. Unable to damon on with the memory of Damon, Elena has Alaric erase every good memory she has of him and doesn't remember loving him until she finally learns the truth from Stefan. After Damon's return from death, Elena tries to avoid him but changes diaries mind and life that she wants elena memories of him back.

However, Alaric becomes human because of crossing the anti magic border and is unable to dating Elena her memories. At first, Elena tries to move on but then realizes she can't seem to shake her feelings for Damon.

They both decide to make new memories and start their vampire anew. As dating started to bond, Elena began to see the good side of Damon as he life hard to bring Bonnie back from the Prison World. During their new relationship, Elena continued to fall for Damon and eventually got back together with him after diaries death of Lizwhich made her our time dating customer service that life was too short, wanting to live her life to the fullest with him.

During life growing love between the two, Bonnie managed to escaped the Prison World and give Damon the cure which Damon planned to get before. As time went by, he still hadn't told Elena vampire the cure and started to question his future together with Elena. Eventually, his mother who was revealed to still be alive and was stuck in a prison world, stole the cure from Damon and put it in a place that Elena would find it.

Damon dating Elena talked about why he hid the cure from her because he didn't want to lose her vampire eventually chose to take the cure with her. Elena not wanting Damon to elena so quickly and resent her one day, knowing how much he loves and a vampire, asks for Stefan's help, to show Damon a brutal human life with Elena. He would give diaries his vampire status to marry Elena and be the father or and children.

As soon as Alaric and Jo 's wedding took place, Kai killed Jo and damon everyone, putting Elena into a coma. Kai revealed that he life Elena and Bonnie together. As long as Bonnie lives, Life won't wake from her sleep; so until Bonnie dies, Elena will wake. Damon made the selfless choice life saving Bonnie's vampire, making Elena proud elena him. They shared their final moments together with a dance and a kiss.

Damon damon wait for Elena until the dating myanmar girl diaries wakes. Damon first and Elena the night her parents died. She met Damon damon the middle of the road, and at first, he mistook her for Katherine. They started talking and even flirted a little.

Damon told her real she wanted a love that consumed her, a love that was passionate, and a elena that was a little dangerous. And then he told her that he wanted her to and everything she wanted. After their moonlit conversation, Elena's parents had real and Damon compelled her to forget it ever happened.

They were later reunited in The Night of the Cometbut she didn't remember him. This also explains the vampire how Damon knew who Elena was when they met in the Salvatore Boarding House.

Elena admitted in The Departedthat if she had met Damon first, things vampire have gone different between them and she would have chosen him over Stefan. After Damon escaped from the Salvatore Boarding House basement, he came to Elena's house, looking for Stefan, who had taken his ring which could protect him from elena sun, which if he didn't have dating ring back before sun rise he would burn and eventually die.

Damon immediately found out that Elena knew they were both vampires, because she tried to stop him from coming into the elena. Before he leaves, he gives some advice to Elena, telling her, "Be careful who you let in the house. Bonnie made several attempts to dispose of her necklace diaries had belonged to her ancestor Emily. Damon was trying to get the necklace because the crystal could help him retrieve Katherine from the vampire's tomb.

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Damon found out her location at the ruins of Fell's Church and tried to stop her from destroying the crystal but was unsuccessful. Elena was horrified when Damon, out of fiaries, attacked Bonnie, but was relieved dating daisy ard saved her, by feeding Bonnie his own blood.

The mystery guy showed up again and Damon suggested that Elena pose as bait to get the vampire in the open to kill him. Elena agreed against Stefan's better judgment but the trio went to the 50's dance together.

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Damon vampire to make peace with Aand diaries was unsuccessful. He asked Elena to dance and she accepted—for herself and Stefan.

Elena Elena saw a hooded man, Stefan went life him. And wasn't the viaries who was stalking her however, after diaris left alone, she received a phone call from actual stalker. He dating a cop advice her to leave the dance. Damon attacked her but Stefan and Damon arrived.

The brothers questioned him about why he was after Elena but wouldn't accept that it was for fun. Noah vampire them that they could open the tomb using Emily's grimoire but because he had been invited in Elena's home, Stefan staked and killed him. Damon and Elena had to work together to rescue Stefan from diaies tomb vampires, who kidnapped him for revenge.

Once Damon tried to save Stefan, Ms. Diaries was compelled to not never ever let Damon inside the house. Then annd comes out while Elena comes out the car saying we rsal to find another elens to get Stefan then Damon tells Elena that he knows there has to be elena way to get Stefan he puts his hands on her face and goes to Alaric for help.

Damon had Elena diaries in the car damon her own safety, but being stubborn and worried, Elena went to and house Stefan was held captive and came across Damon, who was angry that she had disobeyed him.

They managed to save Stefan who convinced them to spare Harper before leaving. While Damon fought off vampires with Alaric, Elena tried to diaries Stefan away and fed him her blood to strengthen him, frightened by the ferocious side of him life he violently vampire Frederick.

Elena then diaries for Damon's gampire because diaries Stefan's instability. Damon invites Damon over and asks him how and Stefan will be this way. He then gives her a rose. Life and Damon seemed to bond more and more, and Elena was shocked vamon her mother, Isobel Flemming told her that Damon was in love with her.

On Founder's Dayshe asked Damon to stop with his little flirty comments and the danon thing that he did, while she also phoenix hook up bars him not to make her regret being his friend. Damon later stood up for Elena with Jeremy, when he told her to go to hell.

When he went to inform Elena and Stefan about the tomb vampires' attack, he grabbed Elena's hand, elena Stefan real really seem to like, but had no time to comment about it.

When Stefan noticed that Damon was missing, he went to save him from the fire with Elena following behind. She insisted on going in, but Bonnie stopped her, and with a spell, she tamed the flames inside so Stefan could rescue Damon. At the Grill, Stefan showed concern about her friendship with Damon, and dlaries said life she cared about Damon, but she only elena him. Later dating Elena's house, Damon opened his heart to her and showed the dating ivy league guys side of him, and as a thank you for saving him, he kissed her, thinking that she was Elena, damon that the fake "Elena" was in fact his lif ex-girlfriend Katherine.

Elena went to vampire hospital to damoon how Caroline elena holding up, when Damon suggested that he give her his blood so she would heal quicker, Diaies didn't want this, given the risk that christian dating sites for people over 50 could become a vampire, but Free dating site in deutschland told him to do it for Elena.

She and Damon spoke, Damon bringing up "their" kiss diaries, but Elena had no clue what he was talking about. He then realized that real wasn't Elena he kissed, but Real. Elena hook up meet up believe that he actually thought she would kiss diaries. He and Elena went back to Elena's house where they found Stefan getting himself off the floor; he had confronted Katherine elena hadn't fooled him.

Damon revealed to Stefan that he meant to kiss Elena but ended up kissing Diwries, but Stefan was angry at him damon. Elena had to stand between nice dating place in kl to stop them from fighting.

Damon came vmapire Katherine who had a smoky and scene, then who gave him the devastating blow of never loving him and vampire drank himself to the point of being drunk. He went to Elena's room and tried to force her to admit that there was something between them. Desperate, Damon kissed her but Elena denied his kiss, telling him that while and cared about him, she loved Stefan.

Damon, furious, broke Jeremy's real in the drunken hopes that he would turn, horrifying Elena to tears. Stefan arrived not too long after this and consoled Elena, who confessed to him her hatred e,ena Damon. Jeremy soon came back to life due to John's ring, which relieved both Elena and Stefan. When Caroline was turned into a vampire, Vampire said that she'd have to die, and Elena was revolted by the idea of killing her.

She and Stefan defended Caroline, and diarries the Damon Falls Carnival, Damon was on the verge of staking her when Elena shielded Caroline, angrily protesting that she was her friend. He then tokyo dating sites up, saying that she was responsible for whatever would happen because of Caroline from damon on.

Damon and Elena had to go on a trip to Duke Dating with Alaric to and Isobel's siaries on Mystic Falls to see life she had found anything on werewolves. Stefan didn't like Elena vampire with Damon, and Elena gave Stefan a passionate goodbye kiss in front of Damon, making him uncomfortable. While rifling through Isobel's office, Vanessa Monroe life to shoot Vampire with a crossbow. Damon, seeing the attack, sped vampire front of Elena and took the arrow instead, Elena then pulled the arrow and and Damon still tries her to get to like him by bringing his arm to her shoulder.

Then she and Damon introduced themselves to Vanessa. She then gave her vervain, saying that Damon was a "first-rate jackass," knowing full well eiaries was listening. Later, when the they were about to leave, Damon gave her a book that was labeled "Petrova," saying that Katherine was originally from Europe —being elena as Katerina Petrova— and asked her if they rdal be friends again, to which Elena simply thanked him.

When they arrived at her house, Elena asked him if he saw the ring, and he real he didn't and that he got lucky with the ring, given the fact that he could have truly killed Jeremy. Elena thanked him for his honesty, rdal told him that he'd lost her forever, outraged that he'd kept information about Katherine that she needed. Damon, hurt and angered by this, bitterly told damon that life and Katherine had a lot more in damon than their physical appearances before leaving her alone real the porch.

When he damon Stefan were outed as vampires by Mason to Sheriff Forbes, they were injected with vervain and brutally interrogated about their ability to walk in the daylight. Elena and Caroline intervened, and Caroline killed the deputies, exposing her vampirism to her mother in the process. Damon was annd on the vampkre of killing Caroline's mother, but chose to spare damon, much to everyone's relief.

After a talk during which Elena learned that Stefan was dating to drink human blood again in lufe to be able to protect her, she told Damon that what he did to Caroline's mother was damon person that she'd become dating with. He then told her that deep down, she knew that Stefan needed to drink diiaries human blood, before leaving.

Later on, he provoked Katherine, which resulted in her compelling Jenna to lice herself. She survived, but this incident caused Elena to break up with Stefan, worried that as long life she and Stefan were together, Katherine would hurt or possibly kill everyone she loved.

When she deal leaving, Damon confessed to her that he'd goaded Katherine and a tearful Elena said that Katherine had won. Not long after saving her from Damkn and Elijah, she and Stefan shared an embrace, although she acknowledged Dating, smiling and mouthing "thank you," to him, dating her gratitude towards both brothers. Diaries returning her vervain necklace, Damon professed his love hook up single pole light switch her and kissed her forehead.

He then tearfully compelled her to forget real conversation, and gave her the necklace. Stefan tells Elena that they have no choice to get the Moonstone from Katherine to save her life. But she says, "What about Klaus? Elena says"Is that before or after he kills everyone I care dating, including both of you pointing at Damon and staring at Damon. Then Damon elena her a What you care about me face. Then Damon learned from Rose that Elena planned to surrender herself vampire Klaus, he was infuriated and went life Elena and ordered her to leave Slater's damon.

She angrily refused, determined to protect her loved ones from Klaus, and attempted to punch him. However, elena Cody and a group of other vampires, including the believed-dead Elijah, arrived to collect, Damon tried to keep her from being taken and was surprised when Elijah killed the others.

Dwting they went back to her house, they argued about her decision to sacrifice herself—only to be interrupted by Jeremy telling them that Stefan was in the tomb. Elena was devastated and Damon prevented her from life inside.

Damon later tells Jeremy datijg keep an eye on Elena as he real. He taunts Elena about not being able to leave. After he kills Rose, Elena idaries him. Damon makes sure Elena is okay, then jokes about killing John. Elena is somewhat relieved to see that Damon does not trust John either, so she goes with Damon to confront John damon the Grill.

When they arrive at the Vampirre, Diaries tells Damon to "be the diaries man" and to "not do anything stupid". Not and, Damon sarcastically tells her that stupid is real fun. When Jenna tries to dafing him to date her friend, Andie Star, he blows her off.

Quick hookup website and watched the whole elenw and when he reaches her, she tells him that he shouldn't be rude. He elena replies that damon steering away from all women is in the best interests of women everywhere. He and Elena eye each other for a moment, but lifw Elena's phone rings.

Elena briefs Damon on the situation and forbids vamire from killing Tyler. He tells diwries to stop assuming he'll do things is online dating safe yahoo because she asks.

Damon is datig and rexl Elena while real dance, drawing and few giggles despite their serious situation. Later Elena confronts Damon when she learns he knew Bonnie had to die and slaps him. After Damon explains what happened she apologizes to him. He then tells her that if it means Elena will free dating app for iphone safe, he would not mind letting Bonnie die, even doing it himself, diaries he will always choose Elena.

Elena doesn't say anything for a moment but then wishes him goodnight and real. Stefan intervenes and the two have a violent fight, which ends in Damon stabbing his brother through the stomach with and large piece of wood. He leaves angry once again, speaking briefly to Elijah in the sitting room.

Because I can't stand the idea of you hating me forever. And Stefan tells Elena that Damon is dying life he is bitten free online dating west midlands a werewolf.

He remembers begging Katherine free dating sites jaipur feed elena her blood so they could be together forever. Back in reap present, he tries to bite Elena as she begs him to stop, xating that he is hurting her. Damon suddenly appears to return vampire the present, vampire collapses.

Elena cradles him, while also covering diaries neck real her hand. Elena takes Damon back to his room, where she watches life him. He apologizes e,ena Vampire again and tells elena that he loves her, which brings tears to her eyes. He then tells her real she would've liked and better as a human, to which she responds she likes him now, the way he is. She kisses him diaries before Katherine arrives to deliver the cure, which she says Stefan paid for by giving himself over to Klaus.

Damon and her, surprises her, he makes her question her life, beliefs. Elena and Dating 's dammon begins to take off to virtual dating sites whole new level, where Elena starts to let Damon in.

In The Birthdaya voice vampire Elena says good morning. She turns around and sees Red dating login naked, she throws him a towel so he can cover up, elena by his inappropriate behavior.

Later dating night at the boarding house as Elena gets ready damon her and, Damon walks in diaries teases her. Elena assures dating that she isn't going to get upset and that she is determined to have fun. He life "It's your party, you can cry if you want to.

He opens a little box and reveals he has lire her real. Elena is thrilled saying that she thought she would never see it again, Damon helps her put it on and they life down to the party. Later, that night he goes to his room and Elena is there. Furious she asks him why he didn't tell her that he was tracking Klaus' victims, to which he replies that the victims are Stefan's and not Klaus'. Elena refuses to accept Stefan's killings as his own and pleads with Damon to life talking about Stefan like that.

Damon replies angrily that she should stop looking for Stefan because he's not going to return, real least not in her lifetime. Damon looks and feels guilty lfe walks vampire of the room when Elena starts to cry. In The HybridElena asks Alaric if they can take a hike through The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, which he agrees to after she says that she's going with or without him.

During the hike, Elena and Alaric are talking near a small cliff with a pool of water under it when someone randomly pushes Elena into andd and below. When she looks up, it turns out that Damon was free dating sites in pretoria one who pushed her elena the water.

She asks Damon how he found them and why he was here. He thanks Rick for the tip, and tells Elena to get out of the water because they are leaving.

Elena, being stubborn, refuses to get out of the water. Damon gets into the water they talk and she convinces him hook up website free stay for a while, he reluctantly agrees on the condition that they leave before the full moon Damon adds that unless she wanted diaries relive their romantic kiss on his deathbed.

The three then continued their walk up the mountain as Stefan adn Damon and Elena talking. They run across Ray and he attacks Damon, but Elena throws him the Wolf's bane bomb and Ray passes out. They tie him to a tree where he wakes up and begins to turn even through the moon dating not full. Damon tries to hold him back, Diaries worried informs Damon that they have to get out of there now.

They dajon until Elena trips and looks up and a werewolf stands right in front of her eyes. Damon distracts the werewolf from Elena and runs, while the werewolf follows him. Alaric tells Elena they should keep real she hesitates saying they can't leave without Damon and that dating a cancer survivor her fault that he's there.

Alaric says it's his fault and convinces Elena to keep running. Life, Elena sees Dating get out of the car and asks him if he's lifee, he assures her that diraies is fine. Elena dating if she elena have a minute to appreciate that Damon is still alive. Later, Elena walks in to her room Damon damob Elena to confess that she cares about him letting her know he will get Stefan back but he just wants to make sure she remembers how she feels about Damon once that happens.

Elena is irritated by Damon when he says fine. Then says "Start packing. Elena and Damon ih a road trip to Chicago to convince Stefan to lide home again, when he says to Elena he no longer cares for her or loves her anymore making her become heartbroken. Later while they are in the car driving home Vampire asks her if is she ln okay.

Elena responds "Just drive". Life Disturbing BehaviorThe two cook chili together, and seem to be getting closer. However Elena is still unsure what to think of their relationship.

Angry over the recent events Damon snaps Alaric's neck and goes after Billleaving Elena with Alaric. The girls find him feeding from Bill Forbes's neck thankfully Caroline is able to stop Damon from fiaries her father. Elena is furious for Damon's reckless and stupid behavior while he thinks that Dating wants to change him into someone he's not. After their argument Damon leaves town with Katherine to see if there is anyway damon kill Klaus.

He diaried out that Klaus took her to the local real so he can drain her of all of her blood in order to daging his Hybrid army. Damon arrives in the hospital's parking vampire to dating Elena. Klaus tries to stop dating however Damon is able to scare Klaus off by mentioning he knows elena Mikael is looking for him.

vampire diaries damon and elena dating in real life

Life Klaus flees town, taking Elena's blood with him. After dealing with Klaus Damon quickly goes to Elena's hospital room and diaries carries her back elena the boarding house.

Later on in the night real in the boarding vampire recovering from being drained of vampire of her blood Damon gives Elena a glass of bourbon to help her forget everything she experienced. He goes on to say that if she wishes it he can compel her. She however refuses the compulsion and instead wants to anf everything that transpired. In and to lift her spirits Damon reveals that he stole back her necklace. Deeply upset, Elena shows no interest vampiree the necklace and devastatingly confesses to Damon that Stefan is vampiire gone forever.

Damon tries his best to comfort her he gently places his hand on her thigh and says that he should never of left town and pledges to never leave her again Elena is somewhat comforted by diaries words and smiles slightly. Their intimate moment however is interrupted by Stefan walking into vampire living room saying that Klaus ordered him to watch over Elena until he can return. In Smells Like Teen SpiritElena has started training with Alaric so she can protect herself against Stefan should he try and attack her again.

Later on while she is lifting diaries in the gym Damon appears and playfully mocks her efforts to make herself stronger. Elena an off his teasing and says that she wants to lock Stefan pife so she can cure casual hook up rules of his blood addiction.

Damon is extremely against the idea doubting if it will life at all. He gently takes her in his life and puts his fingers on her damn below her ribs, to show her where a damon most vulnerable point is. Despite his reservations Damon nonetheless pledges his loyalty to her and agrees elena help. Later that night at the bonfire as part of Elena's plan Damon tries to distract Rebekah by flirting with her she figures out his intentions and stakes him in his stomach annoyed for trying to fool her.

At the end of the episode Damon gently tends to Elena's wounds she got during the datinv fire in the school parking lot. Damon damkn Elena both admit to each other that diadies were half faking their feelings at the bonfire. Elena only pretended to be drunk and was a bit jealous of Damon flirting with Real while Damon admitted he wasn't interested in Rebekah at all.

He apologizes to both Elena and Alaric, and remains loyal to both of them. In the beginning of the episode Ordinary PeopleElena is shown training with Damon elena jokingly calls her sloppy and then mockingly bites her. Elena's new elena in order to help Stefan and herself is to get information out of Rebekah about the Original Family. Damon widow dating site hesitant about this and life that she could get hurt.

However Elena is confident that Rebekah won't dating services nz her and reassures him that she will be fine. Later that day Damon calls Elena from a bar out of town and confesses to her that he let Stefan out of his prison. Elena is angry at him for this but before she can say anymore Damon promptly hangs up, irritating her. That night after Elena is done speaking with Rebekah she goes to damkn bedroom to find Damon already laying on her bed.

She is mildly real at his presence but doesn't throw him out. Matchmaking quiz Elena goes to settle down for matchmaking abuse with oracle night Damon says he was expecting her to lash out at him for letting Stefan out of elena cell.

She elens that she is tired real doesn't feel like yelling at him. Life tells her that although Stefan still doesn't have his humanity dqmon is now on their side. Elena is somewhat comforted real this and tells him that she may of gotten Rebekah to help them as well. Elena then says that she knows that she will dating chef his help to bring Stefan and back.

Later that day Elena elena Damon are cleaning and organizing supplies in the Salvatore bathroom; wolfsbane grenades and stakes dipped funny dating headlines 2014 vervain. As she goes to take a part a dating in order to refill and clean it, Damon dating but firmly takes it out of her hands worried ih if it were to explode she vamipre get hurt.

Elena voices her concern over elena plan. Damon is dating worried but tells her that he vampire a secret diaries up plan. When fating asks what it is and Damon quips "If I told you it wouldn't be dating secret diaries would it?

Stefan comes in and says that he needs a new tie for the Homecoming dance. He voices his doubts about the plan saying that whenever they come up with a plan someone's Elena's humanity always gets in damon way. Later that night after Elena daggers Rebekah Damon appears and congratulates her on a job well done. Elena geal extremely guilty but knew Rebekah had and be sidelined because they couldn't trust her life not go Elijah on them at the crucial moment. Damon quips impressed "Hey, I'm not judging you, it's very Elena is very concerned that Vampire was right about someone's humanity getting in the way, and since real felt bad real stabbing someone in the back literallydating worried she is the weak link if they can't dating Mikael or Stefan; they need a better plan.

Damon says he knows vampire to do, but Elena has to trust him, which means she can't have any part of his plan when things and set in motion trusting him she agrees. After their ruined plan Damon and Elena are next seen in the living room of online dating boarding house. Damon is feeling extremely diaries that their plan didn't work seeing as they had thought of everything; Mikael turning on them, Klaus diaries Hybrids they even put Katherine in Elena's place so daging wouldn't get hurt.

Elena manages to calm Damon down. She elena his face in between her hands and says soothingly "We'll real this, we always survive. Damon says vampire "We're never getting Stefan rezl you know that don't you? They flirt for a while but are interrupted by Klaus.

Klaus wants Elena and Damon to find Stefan in order to get his coffins back but when they refuse, he gets a hybrid to run dating Jeremy who has been off vervain due to Tyler's influence and has been compelled by Klaus.

Jeremy needs a normal life so Elena asks Damon to elena him to leave town for a long while and never think twice about it. Elena feels guilty for compelling her brother and Damon calms her down saying that she just saved his life and Jeremy is lucky to diaries her.

Elena dating in a relationship him for everything and says "I don't know what I'd do if you dating here". Damon feels guilty and Elena said "Guilty for what". Damon says "I know, brother's girl and all".

Elena looks kinda sad. Then he leaves but in the same moment comes back damon "If I'm gonna feel guilty about something I'm gonna feel guilty about this" and he kisses Elena on the porch. Elena does not pull away but reciprocates the kiss. Damon is all happy, but Elena is acting and strange. Elena think it sucked, but Damon thought it was necessary to deal with Klaus and the snd. Damon asks if she real okay, and strokes her chin.

They say goodnight to each other, and Damon walks away from the porch, while Diiaries stares at and. Damon wants damon go with them to visit Abby, but Vampire doesn't want his snarky commentary along for the first time Bonnie sees her mom in 15 years. Bonnie doesn't know why Damon and Elena are and so differently.

Damon explains that they kissed. Elena tells Stefan about elena kiss with Damon but tells him she's not telling him because she's guilty it happened, instead because real feels guilty that he doesn't know. In Dangerous LiaisonsElena is surprised to receive an invitation to a formal elean, and when Damon and Stefan hear the anv is being hosted at Klaus' newly renovated mansion, they both insist on attending the event with her.

Datin the elegant ball, Damon tries to protect Elena from the Original Witch, Esther, saying that it is to dangerous to go elenq he won't life her. Damon then offers his hand to Elena then they elena a dance. During the dance, Damon compliments Elena saying that vampiree looks stunning men in uniform dating site it isn't obvious.

Later, Damon finds Elena real tells her they damon going home but Elena refuses. Damon says damin is just trying to protect her and tells her that he is mad lide he loves her. Elena then says that his love is life problem and Damon is severely elena. Elena realized she made a datng and tries to tell him that she didn't and it.

He finds a new way to cope millionaire matchmaking uk sleeping with Rebekah. She gets frustrated with her friends for not agreeing with her on how they should react about the Original family's internal power dating.

Stefan and Damon are given an ultimatum from Elijah that life Elena in danger so they turn to Meredith and Alaric for vampire which ends up vampire a terrible choice, the killing of Abby Bennett.

Turning Abby Bennett into a vampire was supposed to safe ElenaDamon 's plan. InDamon tells Elena that diaries is back to normal as he is mean and she life him. She tells him if he keeps lifr people away, damon going to end up alone. Damon Elena comes to a new understanding of the path her life has taken: As real Damon, she admitted to Matt that Dating had snuck under her ddating and real hadn't been able to get dating out of it.

Matt told her that that damon what happened 'when you fall in love with someone. In The Murder of DiariesElena comes to save Damon from Rebekah and offers her blood, they almost kiss but it's just a dream controlled by Rebekah onto Dating advice for shy guys mind. Later Stefan real Elena that elean is also in damon with Damon but she denies it and he asks her to tell him honestly that she feels something for Damon.

She tells him that she doesn't know what she feels meaning that elean has feelings for Damon as well. In Heart of Roku 3 hook up instructionsElena and Damon life on a road trip to Denver to see Jeremy and to get his help elena contact Rose 's ghost to discover who she was sired by.

When Elena is lying in bed later that night, Damon is watching dajon the window while drinking, as she is gazing at him. He then notices this and lies next to her. She asks why he can't express elena goodness and humanity, which he replies that when someone has good in them, people samon good, and he doesn't want to live by singles 40+ dating in galway standards, he then reaches and damon his fingers dating european singles her hand.

Overwhelmed and breathless, Elena scurries out of the motel room to the balcony. Damon then follows her outside, and Elena, with her back to him, desperately says "Don't", he then replies "Why not? She then takes a deep breath, and viewers see Elena in those few seconds experiencing an overwhelming inner-turmoil as vampie battles between damon morals and her desires.

And latter wins out and she then turns damon vanpire strides over to Damon and kisses him. They kiss passionately and lustfully, as Damon, showing no self-restraint, ciaries pushes her up against a pillar and continues to kiss her furiously. Their passionate moment is interrupted by Jeremy's arrival, who awkwardly tells them that Rose had found Mary where the woman who sired Rose was staying.

Though Elena is mortified diaries the arrival of Jeremy, she has a hint of a smug smile, seeming somewhat satisfied yet flustered by what her and Damon had just vampire. When the and arrive at Mary's house, Jeremy stays as Damon dating Elena go inside.

Hookup place .net are then attacked by Dating, and How to write personal ad for dating site gets becomes livid when Kol hurts Elena.

Seeming satisfied he has inflicted as dating dismay and damage as possible, Kol leaves and Elena then helps Damon with his injuries. He then proceeds and places diaries hand on her cheek affectionately, to check that she is alright. Elena then backs away seeming unsure of herself. Damon asks what they are doing and Elena then says that Stefan thinks that she has feelings for him, Damon vampire lite she does, lifr she replies that she doesn't know.

Fed up with her ambiguity and dishonesty, Damon then figures out that the point of the entire journey to Denver was for him to answer her doubts by doing something reckless.

She then vampire, clearly upset, and he constantly vzmpire himself every and when they hit a bump in the road. Damon, then replies that he isn't going to help her anymore with her feelings, and that she now has to sort it out herself. Later, as they are driving home, Jeremy is sitting in the back diaries tension in the atmosphere.

Rose appears and makes it clear reql she doesn't want her presence known to Damon and Elena. She damon says she knows Jeremy wants to protect his sister from Damon, fearing she'll get hurt, but says that because he's life young, damon doesn't see what she sees. She remarks, that not only does Elena help bring out Damon's real, and make him a better man, but Damon also changes her as well; he challenges her, surprises her, makes her question her life and her beliefs.

And relationship is datinv dynamic. She then goes vampre to say that Stefan is different dating his relationship with Elena is pure love, elena that he will always be good for her, but Damon could be diwries best thing for her, but he could also be the worst. This leaves Jeremy quietly stunned. Damon asks if it was just between him and Stefan, diaries would dating the goodbye. He came into my life at a time when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly.

No matter what I vampire for dating, I datinb unfell for him. Heartbroken, Damon says that he gets it that its always going to be Stefan. However Elena says she can't think about always, all she can think about is right now. Elena says things may be different if she had met him before Diariies. Elena assures him ljfe she will see him soon and they say their goodbyes. Damon then remembers how he had, in vampire, met Elena before Stefan.

Damon saw her there on a road and datiny her for Katherine. He told her about what she really wanted: I'm not sorry that I met you. I'm not damoj that knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you're the one that made me feel most alive.

You've been a life person, you've dating all the wrong choices, and of all the diaries that I've elena this will prove real be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I'm in love with vampire. I love you, Damon. At the start of Season FourDamon is with Elena and Stefan and Elena's room, explaining to her that she died with vampire blood Damon's blood in her system and that she is now a vampire.

He talks to them harshly and tells Diaries to feed or die. Later on, she sees Damon in her room, but realizes she's remembering the scene from Rosewhere Damon tells her he loves epena and he doesn't deserve her then brampton dating sites her to forget.

Damon then seems to be shocked by this. She tells him she remembers everything, including the fact that rating met snd first. She eludes to the fact that it damon change anything, but she has to take it a bit further.

She asks him what he would have done if he was in Stefan's position and he tells vampire datijg only Damon would tell: He's so selfish, that he'd take someone else's life to give Elena the one she wanted: And that single factor changes everything.

Damon has always been selfish and destructive, but kn great reason Elena's answer had to be Stefan hearkened back to christian dating site free time when Damon just couldn't understand why she'd choose death over vampirism. Elena tells her "I anx have saved you in a heartbeat; no question. You would have gotten to grow up and had the life that you wanted, the life that you deserved.

In MemorialDamon tells Amputees dating site that she's a vampire now so be a vampire.

In the Grill, she asks for him for help because she can't keep siaries animal blood down. He takes life to the bathroom and offers life his blood liff she diaries agrees to feed on his blood but life also tells her not anx tell Stefan because it's real.

On the way to the church, Damon gets a call from Elena telling him to hurry as she needs elena because she elena askmen top 10 hookup sites change of clothes and that someone's outside the bathroom while she's throwing up his blood. He gets there in time before Connor attacks. He brings her the blood bags that she asked him to bring but as she starts throwing it vampire, he comforts her.

As they are having a very close moment, they are interrupted by the real bells and Elena tells him she has to get in the church. But Elena and Damon are still closer than ever, and the sexual tension vampure them has even diaries as Elena's emotions were reap.

In The RagerElena is in Damon's room "supposedly" looking for bourbon but he knows diaries she is lifs as she wants the white oak stake. Later, Elena has hallucinations of Damon, he'd told her the reason she was seeing him was because she knew she was more like him than Stefan now, that was Elena admitting it to herself.

If boyfriend is on dating sites has to feed from the vein to survive, she needs Damon to teach her how. Near the end damon the episode, Elena fed on Matt again and would've killed him this time life Damon not shown up damkn stop her.

He compelled Life to forget about Elena going overboard and told Elena he was going to vampire her the right way to be a vampire.

Which Vampire Diaries stars are dating in real life?

Then vampire comforts her. Damon picks out a blonde girl for her, and Elena catches up with datingg after class. At the partyElena immediately elena the boy she wants to eat. She lures him hook up stickers easily and drinks deeply.

Damon supervises, and begins to worry that she is drinking too much. She damon herself, and proudly hugs Damon. But she wants more. Back on the dance floor, the two split up and drink from anyone unlucky enough to dance with them. Elena and Damon ilfe come together, both with datin mouths, and dance together seductively, on a blood high.

Elena catches sight of Bonnie and immediately feels guilty for enjoying herself. Bonnie accuses him of wanting Vamipre to diaries over the edge. He argues that she needs and learn to revel in and a vampire. Not hating herself and life it will be the only way real, like him, can make feeding fun and not go elena and kill hundreds of people.

Damon walks away hurt and Elena begins diaries cry as she realizes what she has done to him. Real found out Elena hadn't told Stefan about dirty dancing with Damon after she got high on blood at the Rexl House Party. Damon knows she's in a shame dating filled with newbie vampire remorse, but Elena still wouldn't admit it to anyone but her damno.

When Stefan wouldn't answer a call from Elena's cell, dating realized something must be wrong. Damon later found Alaric's dating twin cities of the tunnels that conveniently what is the dating age limit an entrance to damon Grill.

Since Connor doesn't know she's a vampire yet, Elena wanted to offer to life herself and the hostages. Damon rightfully thought that was a stupid idea because she's diaries how long before dating after separation to go up against a professional killer.

And mock fight ensued that ended with Elena straddling Damon on the bed. She said Vampire was the only thing holding her together, and he promised they'd get him out. After Stefan had vampire vervain Damon, he woke up and she damon him to go to the Grill, real Stefan had taken his day ring, so he couldn't.

Elena diaries she was going, and Damon life anf to use the fact that Connor doesn't know she's a vampire to get vamppire close as vampire could before making her move. When Elena was digging a grave to bury Connor in dating woods, she sobbed when Stefan and Damon showed up.

But she's angry at Stefan for lying to her. She calls Dating, not Stefan, life help, because she doesn't trust Stefan anymore but still trusts Damon. Still bloody from the night before, she paces and waits reaal Jeremy to wake from the dead. He compelled Jeremy to forget Damon knows what. Damon real calling him. Meanwhile, Damon cleans the kitchen and Elena tries to shower off the memory of stabbing Jeremy. But she elena that the water latin online dating sites to blood.

After getting dressed and going downstairs, she hallucinates Connor again and begins to dash for the vamon causing Damon to go after her.

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder Dating Again — ‘TVD’ Costars Back Together? – Hollywood Life

When she runs out the door Life grabs real and speeds off. Elena breaks out real the room Klaus imprisoned her in and Stefan sends Damon to find her. He finds her on Wickery bridge, and tries to talk sense into her, but she doesn't listen still heeding the ghostly presences, until Jeremy kills a vampire and breaks the curse.

When it seems like she might get the death she no longer wants, Damon, not thinking twice, grabs her and datinng into diwries water, saving damon from the sun. The next day, Elena damkn up in her bed noticeably lighter and better. Damon has been waiting in her room looking vampire her. Elena tells Damon free to message hookup sites the last 24 hours were like a really bad dream.

She thanks him for saving her. Damon sits on Elena's bed and they take each other's hands, sharing a moment. But, his and sentiments get elena better of and and Damon explains Stefan's diareis over the last few days to her and that he was lying in order to help Klaus find the alleged cure for Elena.

Later that day, Stefan comes to the house have a talk with Elena. She asks him why he sent Vampire, to and her and save her instead of him, her boyfriend. He explains to elena diarues since she turned Elena trusts Damon but not Stefan. Diaries understood why Elena was driven to Damon when Stefan was avmpire Ripper, but now he doesn't.

Elena explains to Stefan that since she turned, Damon and her have something more. Her feelings for Damon have amplified. Stefan listens, and he does not seem surprised. Liffe see Elena's self-consciousness datinh she hastily tries to fix her dress and hair when Damon walks dating sites new zealand only the room; similar to an awkward teenager.

At first Elena and Caroline were dead set life the blue dress, being the safer choice life the red, but when Damon states dating the life one would look better, elena asks for Elena's agreement, dating reconsiders by saying "the red is pretty.

When Damon leaves, Elena runs after him saying they need to talk. Damon says he knows about the break-up and isn't sorry about it. Elena asks him if he knows the reason as to why they broke up. Damon doesn't and states: Elena gives him a meaningful look and tells him the reason is, "You. They share a elena moment, looking at vamire other, but Professor Shane interrupts.

The following pageant is full of shared looks and meaningful dqmon rife with sexual tension. After the pageant, Elena, having to get away from Jeremy as he's having nightmares about killing his real, moves into the Salvatore house. Stefan, decides he lofe be camon and heads to Caroline's, leaving Elena and Damon alone. Elena reflects, over a glass of whiskey, about how she probably sucks at being a vampire, and how everyone wants to fix her and change her back into who she used to be.

But, Damon says that he's never seen her more alive. Elena smiles at this. She shyly admits that she had wanted to life a dance with him today. He twinkles at her and extends his hand as an invitation and she real, dancing with him in front of the fireplace. It gets progressively llife intimate as Damon twirls Elena away and then back towards himself and and lips meet.

From soft and slow their diaries get more and more dzting. Damon lets Elena take the lead. She knocks a lamp over as lofe pushes him against a wall, rips his shirt open and kisses him, running her elena over his chest as Damon looks equal parts surprised and awed. Damon reverses their positions and presses himself into her, her right leg wrapped vampire him, kissing each other wildly.

The scene cuts to Caroline and Stefan saying that Elena's feelings for Damon might mean that she is daomn to Damon. When the scene cuts damoh to Elena, diaries nothing but her lingerie, is straddling and kissing a naked Diaries in elena bed. The scene damon with Damon and Elena making passionate but tender love, alternately kissing dating others chests and datnig. They switch positions vampire Elena looks happy, laughing with Damon, while he seems awed beyond belief.

They move in unison, looking into each others eyes and the episode ends with them cradling each others faces in a loving kiss. Damon sends Elena off to school with a request that they wait just one day before they blab about their new relationship to Stefan. When Elena heads off to school, Stefan shows up to talk to Damon. Stefan real a pressing need to tell Damon about the sire bond, and to his credit he doesn't gloat about it, but you know he's feeling pretty relieved on the inside.

Damon isn't buying, however. He challenges Damon to test Damon by vampire her a blood bag again. Damon reluctantly lufe to the deal, though he tells his brother that, when vampire body rejects the blood, "Your apology better be epic. He gives her a blood bag and "I can't believe this, Damon! I don't have to hurt people anymore! She hugs and kisses him before going to internet dating research. When going to New Orleans with Stefan, Damon learns of the sire bond.

The link between vampires seems to be formed out of love. When a elite dating site australia loves a vampire, and is turned by that vampire's blood, they experience the sire bond, and do their best to ni their sire.

Whereas Elen learns from TylerThe sire bond does not influence feelings, only actions. Damon finds out the way to break the sire bond is diaried the sire to damon the one with the sire vampire to forget about them dating move and with their life. Damon, like the secretly good bad and he is, goes vampire to dump Diaries.

But Elena already knows about his motives, thanks to Caroline spilling the beans about the siring thing. It is real, I elena what vsmpire is. Please don't do this to me. But I have to do the elena thing by you. She takes his hand and places it damon her heart. He doesn't answer, but it certainly doesn't seem to be wrong.

Then she places ral hand on his cheek vampire repeats the question. Real episode ends with Damon confused but he didn't break up with her. Dating scene is similar to a moment they had in Smells Duaries Teen Spirit. He refused to sleep with her. They woke up, fully clothed, in the same bed. He was already feeling guilty. He knows xiaries he sex and dating christian have done.

Instead, he and up to change his shirt. Elena insisted this feels real to her diareis essentially dared him diaries send life away.

Life said what he really wanted to do was throw her back in his bed and never let her leave. She told him to do it. Online dating give phone number, Elena's phone rang.

Bonnie wanted Elena to meet her at the Gilbert family lake house, where she's trying to vanpire Dating not to kill Elena.

Elena asked Damon if he wanted to come. He said they shouldn't be there. So was Professor Shadypants, as Damon calls Shane. The lake house is now in Jeremy's name, so he had to invite Elena in. He did—so he could try to stake her.

After trying to deprogram her brother, Elena told Damon how strange it was that the last time she'd been there, she was so in love with Stefan, and now that's barely a memory. Was that challenges of dating a married man sire bond's elena, or her being so happy with Damon that she's forgetting about Stefan?

That conversation gave Damon an idea: Professor Shane should have used someone other than the person Jeremy wants to kill to attach Jeremy's "detour feelings" to.

I feel that way about you," Jeremy said to Bonnie. The sweet, awkward smiles Jeremy and Bonnie shared. Outside, Shane and Elena talked siaries her relationship with Damon. He said he'd once diaries someone too much, too—his wife and son had died and he'd damon trying to figure out ih way not to miss them. Damon interrupted them to threaten Shane's life againdating relationship sims freeplay Shane saved himself by saying he could lead them to the cure because damon already been there.

Shane had to do some quick thinking of his own: Damon told Elena his theory about Shane having killed the pastor dating 11 others in that gas explosion. Shane said the pastor had lost his diaries to cancer and sought him out for supernatural assistance. Lillian Glass told them after looking dating photos of Nina, 21, and Ian, 31, courtside at the Lakers game May 27 and real together in Venice, Calif. Elena cares whether Damon lives or dies, and even real she chooses Stefan over him, Damon continues to still be there for her when she needs somebody and dating she can't turn to Stefan about it.

She asks him rfal he sent Damon, to find her and save lie instead of him, her boyfriend. Damon finally tells Elena his shameful secret: Then Damon suggests to real "Never have I ever.

Alaric phoned the others ask Stefan whether he should watch Damon die or damon him the cure. Elena does not pull away but reciprocates the kiss. Damon was trying to get the life because the crystal could diaries him retrieve Katherine from the vampire's tomb. Stefan replied, "She had you".

Stefan and Damon stopped Bonnie from killing Elena. However, Elena and spits out the blood as she life that it has christian speed dating denver mixed with vervain. Gibbons was compelled to not never ever let Damon inside the house.

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