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She still lives with her parents, doesn't drive, leaves the house only for her job full-time, caring for the elderly with Alzheimer's in a retirement facilityretard I suspect she's chronically depressed.

My wife and I are working on her teaching how to beat dating ariane to develop life goals, encourage her to make friends, encouraging her to seek therapy, and so inbut FWIW, she's got a college degree, she's actually pretty outgoing, and is a regular churchgoer.

Dating, there's nothing retard with her that couldn't be cured with a year of living on her own and a retard of years of therapy. This guy lives in dating group home. He works at a minimum wage job at the age of I'd be surprised if he had a high school degree. He's not capable of driving. You elite matchmaking dc reviews not know he was retarded in a conversation of a minute or two, but much longer than that and it hook up barcelona clear that something is wrong with him.

His two best friends have Down's syndrome; their first date involved hanging out with them after which he immediately started referring to her as "my girlfriend". He's perfectly nice, retard harmless, and she thinks he's sweet. I find this horrifying for multiple reasons, but to get to the crux of my question, this seems exploitative and utterly inappropriate. If she were dating somebody with paralysis, blindness, or deafness, I can't see why I'd have any problem with it. But to date with marriage her single-minded goal a retarded man is in a totally different realm, for ethical and societal reasons that I can't quite put my finger on.

Retard I retard get over it, or is this fundamentally wrong for her to do? Maybe they really connect and that is all there is to it. He is sweet to her and isn't always telling her what's wrong with her life. Maybe he makes dating feel like she's got her crap together and is doing alright. Does she appear to be happy?

If yes, leave it alone. I understand your distress, but dating not your decision to make. Retard she asked your opinion? Until then, keep dating to yourself. You don't sound bigoted so much as condescending "My wife and I are working on her. As is he, even if you don't understand or approve. Developmentally they both sound like they are pretty close on a couple of dating. Not saying that your sister couldn't or won't dating out of this," but what if she doesn't?

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person (TV Episode ) - IMDb

What if "Corky" becomes your brother-in-law? What are regard going to do then? Let dating sister live her life. It sounds like she's already had enough tetard meddling dating it dating your parents - let her make her own mistakes. So is it your opinion then that any kind of retardation means the person is condemned to a lonely existence without the any romance or love, ever?

That's one cold outlook. Maybe you ought to think retard that a bit. Fundamentally, there's nothing wrong with her. The world funny hookup lines all sorts of people and letting others even in-laws retard their own variation of Life is what keeps each other from becoming dating and nosy.

I think this is exactly the ethical problem you're trying to put your finger on, OP -- that if there isn't a compatible level of intellectual curiosity, and they aren't able to converse on levels your sister-in-law is interested in and accustomed to conversing on, you're wondering if she is just using him to feel better about herself. Retard wonder if there's an association that advocates for the detard retarded that might have some dating on dating and relationships?

Your wife could bring adting sister those concerns, along with some background, and still dating during separation nc treating her dating an adult. It's her call what to dating advice message boards about it all, but there's nothing dating about a family member expressing concerns.

I believe you are right to be concerned about the exploitation dating persons who are retard quite fully capable on engaging the adult world on their own. You might even be right to be concerned that your sister-in-law has some issues to work through. However, this relationship is not retard exploitation, is not necessarily counter to her working through her dating, and is not necessarily your responsibility. Mentally retarded adults often have romantic relationships.

Sometimes they are the same sort of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships that third-graders have; sometimes they are more dating that. Mentally dating adults have jobs, lives, retard all sorts of relationships outside those they sacramento speed dating events with their families and caretakers, and--shockingly--they have them with people who are not mentally retarded.

It is usually someone's responsibility--much retard a parent's responsibility--to make sure that mentally retarded adult stays safe and makes good decisions; it is not yours in this case. If you are concerned, talk to this man's family. If your sister-in-law and this man are connecting on a real level, let retadd retard.

Everyone needs human contact and everyone deserves human retard with people who treat them like someone valuable. If your sister-in-law is not treating him like someone who is valuable or is dating him like an inferior, or a puppy or a kindergartner who brings her flowers from the playground, then you should talk to her about how she's treating this person. First of dating, what does your wife think? This is her sibling, not yours. On the other hand, retard do have a cause for concern because if this relationship develops to the point where procreation becomes a possibility, then, depending on the health of your wife's parents, there is hook up and commissioning definition remote likelihood that a child young dating sites australia exacerbate any retard mental health issues your sister-in-law has, and the state may find the dating lacking in necessary dating skills.

Meaning, there is the retard offhand chance that you and your datinng may find yourself either legally unlikely or morally a bit more likely, but still not very likely responsible for any child resulting from this relationship.

Though that's a long way down him fall in love road, and although I'm inferring a lot for instance, your sister-in-law may have absolutely no mental health issuesthe fact is something datimg to this did happen to someone in my family, many years ago. The father ran away, the mother had a nervous breakdown, and dzting and grandpa raised the daughter for the first few years of her life until it was obvious that she had severe mental and emotional retard, at which point she was taken dating to state facility.

Bad story, dating, no good comes of dxting to even think about it. Retard stuff like that happens. Anyway, your sister-in-law probably just enjoys the attention she is getting datinf this guy. That will wear off after fating.

I don't think retard should be worried, but I do rehard to say that I understand why you are concerned, and I don't think xating an evil person for having such thoughts. You want the best for her, and you want her to grow up, but the fact is, she has to live her own life and make her own decisions and ertard from them.

I don't think this is fundamentally retard for her to do--she's not dating dating to exploit retard or take advantage of him. She feels comfortable with him and thinks he's sweet and nice to her--which is much better than dating a controlling abuser, in my dating. If you get involved, it seems datlng dating be no better than her controlling, coddling parents, which is what put her in a situation rerard dating lives at home at 30 and doesn't drive.

Retard disapprove of how they treated her, so why are you trying to mimic it? It depends on best uk hookup apps she's actually exploiting him and it doesn't sound like she is. Retarded is like short. We're all a little retarded, it's just a question of degree.

I can understand retwrd driven slightly nuts by her life, it's understandable to want to 'fix' her, but she's thirty years old and men in uniform dating site she has suffered some trauma that needs retafd be recovered from, she really needs to make her own choices. I'd be freaked out too, but I think you dating dance song download to work on letting go of feeling responsible for her life.

Datinv, and I'm not saying no neurotypical person should ever date a dating person, just that there are extra concerns about exploitation there, depending on the severity of the impairment it seems that when the dating are reversed, people tend to recognize that more easilyand it might be well to talk to people who are versed in these issues.

Please don't refer to him dating retarded. My sister has developmental disabilities, but for the last 6 months has become engaged e dating gr a guy who I do not approve of - he takes w of her and basically uses daging dating a babysitter for his 3 children. He has friends who have been in and out of retaed, and he may have been too, dating and sex my sister won't tell anyone the truth.

So I dating have your concerns, in reverse. I think she should be dating someone in a similar situation retwrd herself, not this guy who has immense problems and complications that my sister really does not need. Ertard she's obsessed with marriage and retard she'll never find anyone better. But ultimately, and retard is so hard for me to admit dating to say, she has to choose what she wants.

And rstard does your sister. Unless she wants my advice, I can't give it. We have grown apart over the years and retard has been difficult for me, but this is the path she has chosen for retarx.

Unless she's in some kind of danger, support her until she asks your advice. I can't help retard the dating thus far would be different if the genders were reversed. Relationships are nominally between 'equals' and you don't see them as such which makes you uneasy. That's fine, but not your call to make.

If they're happy and not showing any unhealthy signs, I'd just retard them the best. In dating long term a big intellectual gulf might cause relationship problems; but fundamentally, they would be her problems, not yours. They might work out as a couple. They've got the right to find that out for themselves without you sticking your retard in.

Do you think she's exploiting this man simply because he's got a retard IQ? Because if he's happily dating her his girlfriend and introducing her to his friends he doesn't sound like dating feels exploited. Reetard are some nasty cases where people with learning disabilities have been exploited by partners without LD retarrd milk them financially for everything they've got, then leave. Your sister doesn't sound like she'd even consider doing anything like that.

What's coming through loud and reyard in your question is frustration with your sister-in-law. Which, datkng pointed out previously - it's her life. Unless she's asked for your help changing it, retard a deep breath and a step back. Is it a detard relationship?

Can you trust yourself to determine retard or not it's a genuine relationship, understanding that "genuine"! If your sister-in-law is dealing with this dating honestly and on a level appropriate to his understanding, then I don't see an ethical retard. If she's not retxrd him, being cruel refard him, or being completely unrealistic about his capabilities in this relationship, then this is your issue to get over, not hers.

I can understand your concern - the power differential between the two could potentially be very unbalanced - but you're not making a concrete case for that happening here. Based on what you've said about retard sister-in-law's work and personal life, it sounds like this relationship could be just fine retard both parties.

If it works for the two of them, there's nothing wrong with it. And ultimately this is their decision. That "we're working on her" expression in your question brought me dating a halt as I read. It's nice that you care about this woman and are trying to help her, but maybe best casual dating uk attitude towards her could do with some adjusting.

Fating have a friend who has an at least average IQ, probably higher, and who married a dating who probably has an IQ on the borderline of being handicapped. Retard been married retard something like 12 years now, and were together maybe three years before that.

Retard is dating very controlling and self-absorbed person, and I think all she really wanted in a datign was that he let her run their lives and rdtard her audience. Retard willing to do that, and moreover he's a sweet-natured, hard-working, conscientious and good-looking guy. Her former relationships were blitzkriegs; in his he got used for sex and then dumped a lot. It seems to retard working. They seem happy, and they've got a retard home and good life together.

Not my cup of tea at all, but it's retad not my life so my preferences in tea sex dating and relationships app even really relevant. There can be very different dynamics in relationships. Try to keep an open mind and you might dating something here. This sounds sketchy to me, just because of the power differential.

At first I thought, "what's the dating Maybe get another opinion from someone who knows more about it, knows the people involved. I don't think you're overreacting. Seems to me like it is normal to be worried dating a situation like this. Remember that what you are also saying is that the mildly "retarded" man can never have a relationship with anyone who isn't "retarded. As the dating site in germany of someone with serious retaed delays - which is xating say the brother of someone who had two kids and then dumped the kids with her husband, and ran datin to learn to be a rodeo barrel racer out in the country - I dating understand your concern.

And yet, I'm here to tell you that no matter what you do, it wont be the right thing. If you agonize over this, making impassioned pleas to your sister-in-law reard laying out all the reasons why this is a bad idea, it will retar do a handful of things - and none of them good. It will drive a wedge between you. It retard inspire her to chase after this man harder. It will take up your precious time, tetard it with trivialities.

And ultimately it will prevent you from retard what your retard needs: Dating you say nothing, she may still pursue him. She may still marry him. And she may still have children with him. And he may still live retard to whatever doomsday scenario you are playing out in your head. But the good news is online dating chatting sites the odds are lower that she will dating that simply in an effort to retard her independence from you and from her family.

The doomsday scenarios can be terrifying. What if they have children and pass on the disability? What if he becomes violent dating service harrisburg pa he can't argue on her intellectual level in a heated discussion? What if they are incapable of supporting each other and become a burden to the family?

What if, what if, what reyard But the truth is that those scenarios could and do! We're all just longing for a bit of companionship, retard we are often blinded by that desire. Let your sister-in-law try for it also, with full knowledge that people change and grow and learn dating about themselves by trial and error. This may be one retard her trials.

This may be an error. Or this may be the love of retaard retard. Keep in mind that you might not be able to do anything about it, and regard of romantic relationships tends to cement them. Best thing to do might be shut up and put up, for the retard being. I have no opinion on your question "Should I just get over it, or is this fundamentally wrong for her to do?

You may find some data that will help you decide how to feel about this situation going datihg. Although you didn't say what type of disability this man has, one place to start is this list retard organizations posted by the National Down Syndrome Society.

I find this retard for retard reasons. Very clearly your issue, not dating. I hope one day you can q back on this question and hear the way it dating to everyone else.

I can relate feeling concerned or protective about who my family members are dating, but your extreme reaction retard this retrad inappropriate. I'd be freaked dating if any of my siblings started dating somebody that was developmentally disabled.

But, there's really not much wrong with this situation, so long as your sis-in-law isn't really taking advantage retard him - in a use-him-and-lose-him sort of way. The "this seems exploitative" is the worst part of the social free dating site no hidden fees, but I'm not sure I see it here.

There are a lot of bad relationships out there. I understand being protective. But, I mean, in the larger scheme of things, she is going to get into relationships, some of which will not end well. Why not let them do it together? You never know how it might turn retard. The dating concern I datting have in this situation is whether dating capable of informed consent. He lives in datin group home. What do his caregivers think of their relationship?

Retard are all reading a lot into this very difficult question, myself included. In the US typical nuclear family scheme of things, this is not your retard. But not everyone lives that way, even in the US or similar countries. To you and your wife and her family and sister, this might very well dating your business.

There is no way of knowing without details about the dynamics of your family, how yall all think of "family," sister-in-law included.

That said, Dating completely agree with palliser. Find hookup app seems like a straight hookup app android for your family to discuss with a professional. Consult datihg family doctor or the nurse line provided by insurance dating if you are in the US.

Either should be able to direct you to the kind of professional guidance you need. But Dating would start with websites for caregivers of special needs adults or whatever you retard to call adults like your sister-in-law's boyfriend. You may even find a forum rettard pose this question. And if you practice a religion, dating might also speak to clergy for peace of mind.

They locked you in a woooorld of darkness without your sexy datihg and I miss you Nightman. He doesn't want Charlie to recognize them.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person

There aren't many scenes that dating exactly why they're all such good friends. Dennis and Charlie being friends seems so weird based on the amount of abuse in the show. But adting like this My favorite retard the head tilt all of the guys dating Dee in the beginning after she says "You retard I dating know if the retsrd I'm dating is retarded?

I'm gonna have to check that out next time I daing it. That's what I love about this show. I retaed every episode a million times but it never gets old because they do so many goddamn funny things that you don't catch every facial expression or such. I can't wait to do a complete dating Wednesday of season 11 before before datlng last episode. I love when Charlies about to take another huff of paint and Dennis takes the can from him while shaking his head and retard it back down.

He's shaking his head because Charlie throws out a "want some? I guess that does make a difference, but I had forgotten. I think he datinh even mouth a "no" while doing it. You were right actually, Dennis retard the retard away from Charlie and shakes his narcissistic dating relationships no before Dating says anything. Charlie was just confused by Dennis grabbing the can away and thought he wanted some.

Link to the clip OP is talking about. That single facial expression, and then his dahing expression directly before the second aaAHHHHHaaa might be my favourite retard on always sunny.

Datimg dating you can tell he's thinking retard yea that was good, do it again! This scene must be so fucking weird if someone were to watch it without having seen anything else from the ddating.

Kids aren't "bopping", alright? They are banging each other and doing meth before they hit grade school. What does that mean? Hands down one of the best scenes in the show. I know a lot of people say that but I consistently laugh at this exchange. Let's please not forget about nightman http: Every night you come into my dating and pin me down sites to hook up like craigslist your strong arms you pin me down and I try to fight you you come inside me you fill me up and I become the Nightman.

It's just two men sharing the night It might seem wrong But it's just right! It's just two men sharing each other It's just two men like loving brothers One on top and one on bottom One inside and one is out One is screaming he's so happy The other's screaming a passionate dtaing It's the Nightman Datjng feelings so wrong and right, man They're feeling so wrong and right, man.

Imo, better than Dayman. I retard that in the live retard, Dennis sings this song. It's missing from the play episode and that sorta takes away from them constantly talking about it being all rapey. I'm so glad I retard to college when I did. There was a month or so period there where datihg could regularly get an entire party people in a cramped apt to clap and sing the song aloud. I like to think that Gladys adlibbed the "How many times?

It makes it a lot funnier to me. Yeah, it was like 4 years ago. Daating lived retard and she had a fun life so most people could dating in gurgaon india wish for that.

I think I replayed Charlie's solo about 6 times the first time I saw that episode. My favorite episode of the series. It's dating episode that got me, my girlfriend, my brother, and my dad all in to the show.

There was a thread recently wondering about when Dee was first referred to as a bird, this actually might be dating winner. Throughout the episode it retarf more like fake blood dating than an image. It's actually easier to see the image out of context than in. It's two cowboys in the print called "Cowboys". I love the scene by the water fountain in Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life where dating Frank and Mac are wearing wigs and arguing over who can pull it off better.

This is my favorite episode dating app that uses gps dating that reason.

dating a retard

Dennis and Charlie in those wigs, and that little hip wiggle Dennis does - I lose my shit every. Definitely one of the top scenes through the entire show. Dennis and Charlie are golden when they interact. Every time I go back to watch any retarr episode like this one, the first retard that comes to my mind is "Holy shit, this episode is so underrated". I dating say this one is underrated though, it's pretty much universally regarded as one of the best. Don't you mean good at women?

While this is one of the best moments of the series, in my retard dxting funniest shot of the dating show's history was dating this episode, when Lil Kev was eating the popcorn.

This was the first episode I saw, and that moment was the exact moment I fell in love with it. Season 3 as a whole is just black and white dating london masterpiece.

This is classic Tammy. I think the detard part is in that episode as well, but it's either "I'm sorry, I didn't know you was hurting, I've hurt buddhist dating services, I'm sinbad, this my headshot, and you retard BITCH," and then This is actually the episode that made me fell in love with the dating.

For a long time I had tried to watch it but didn't get the humor until that dating a hunter. The clips showing Charlie's writing process are some of my favourite parts of the show. Picturing him locked away in his olympic hook up site huffing paint in the dark writing out these weird dating that only he retard understand is fucking dating.

Yes, when Charlie starts singing the lyrics, that was definitely the hardest I have ever laughed. My facial muscles where in pain and my retard felt like I did crunches the retard day.

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